Danger called comfort zone


I live in the Balkans. A strange place. You can easily fit in if you have a sip and yell around (there is even a song with these lines). If you like barbecue, cevapi, beer and mind other people's business. In that case our Balkans and small, but famous Bosnia suit you just right. 

But, what if you are not all of this? If you like to live by your own rules, mind your own business and if other people's opinion matter little to you? If what matters is the voice within?

If you belong to this group, then a specific description is attributed to you - black sheep. I have always been one. I can't fight being not normal. :) The only good thing is that I don't mind it. Quite on the contrary! I love it! Now I am going to get a new one - a blogger. :)

Well, I almost lost the gist. Let's go back to the comfort zone. So, in the Balkans, when a female individual gets educated (that is ok recently), gets a job (possibly in the state sector), gets married and gives birth to her children (all according to God's and your neighbours' rules), that's it! You reached the highlight of your being, sister! What's there to ask for more? Work from 7 to 3, come home, make lunch, take care of your children and go to bed by 10 pm. Do this for some 50 years and die. And don't ask too many questions on your death-bed.  You were alive (but did you live?) and healthy (most of the time), you had a roof over you head, and now instead of it there will be a tombstone. That's life. 

Well... If you are getting close to this destination, shut up and wait. Don't ask a question. It's too late now. If you are not near this station, start the questioning. Right now. Never, ever is too late! Only if you really want to start living.

Wake up! do something differently every day. Wash your teeth with your left hand if you are right-handed. That's a start, too. If you drink you coffee with sugar, drink it without it. Walk to work if you usually travel by car. Take different streets. Read a new book. Learn by heart the capitals of the countries of the world. Combine sweet and salty foods. Dress in contrast colours and shine! Learn how to skate - that's fun! Let go of prejudices. Call someone you don't like much for a cup of coffee. Look at them with other eyes. Human eyes. The eyes of the soul. Then you'll see what life is. 

Life isn't just the roof over your head. Nor your family. Nor going to the seaside once a year. These are all blessings, to make it clear. And you should be thankful for any of them. But you should also slide into the unknown. To taste the adventure called life. To see its beauty, not its hardships. If you ask why? I'm fine the way I am. I am asking you - Why not?


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